The Illinois Health Facilities and Services Review Board (HFSRB) reviewed Quincy Medical Group’s (QMG) Certificate of Need application for a new Surgery Center at their board meeting today in Bolingbrook, IL. The HFSRB issued a vote consisting of 3 ‘yes’ votes, 2 ‘abstain’ votes, and 0 ‘no’ votes. This decision allows QMG to submit additional information for the board’s consideration.

QMG CEO Carol Brockmiller said, “We respect the HFSRB’s feedback of our project and look forward to providing them with additional information. We remain steadfast in our commitment to this project that will modernize the way we deliver care in a manner that is safe, cost-effective and convenient.” Upon receipt of QMG’s additional information, the HFSRB staff will review and submit its findings to the HFSRB and issue a supplemental report.

Dr. Todd Petty, QMG Surgeon and Board Chair said “We have an 80-year history of providing quality care to our patients and look forward to establishing QMG amongst the most innovative for advanced medical care with the addition of this innovative facility. We are confident that with additional information, the HFSRB will approve the project.”