The New Year brought a new home for Quincy Medical Group’s (QMG) Mt. Sterling Clinic. On Monday, Jan 17, QMG welcomed patients into our new facility at 216 Pittsfield Rd in Mt. Sterling.

QMG has provided care for Brown County and the surrounding region since 1996. Through the years, services have grown to best serve the local community. QMG Physician Dr. Jennifer Schroeder said she hopes the clinic’s new home will further enhance care for local patients.

“We sincerely hope this building will continue to meet our community’s and the local area’s medical needs,” she said. “We do know that the building is just four walls – what is most important is what goes on inside those four walls.”

The QMG Mt. Sterling Clinic will continue to offer a variety of services including primary care for all ages, behavioral health, cardiology, laboratory, nutrition services, physical therapy, podiatry, and radiology.

In addition, QMG Eye & Vision Institute will provide optometry care and optical services. Our eye care team offers vision tests, glasses or contacts, screening for eye diseases, diagnosis, and treatment of most eye conditions. QMG Optometrists Dr. Kevin Becker and Dr. Paul Tracy will provide eye care to local patients.

Dr. Tracy shared, “I’ve been practicing for over 20 years now. One thing I have discovered is that having to travel for basic healthcare can be an extreme burden for some. If we bring our services to where they are needed more people will get the care they need, and at the end of the day, that is what we all want.”

QMG CEO Carol Brockmiller said, “For over two decades, Quincy Medical Group has been part of the lives of so many right here in this community and this new facility represents a new era of care. As we open the doors to our new clinic, we want to thank the Brown County leaders and community for their support. It is an honor to help individuals and families flourish, and serve Mt. Sterling residents for years to come.”

To schedule an appointment at the QMG Mt. Sterling Clinic, patients should call (217) 773-3963.  For more information, visit