This Mother’s Day, we’re spotlighting Dr. Niharika Yedla. Dr. Yedla’s journey in medicine was deeply influenced by her mother, an OB/GYN physician. Witnessing her mother’s dedication firsthand instilled a passion for healing in Dr. Yedla, and her mother’s wisdom continues to guide her every day.

What inspired you to pursue a career in medicine, and how much of that inspiration came from observing your mother’s work as a physician?
Most of my inspiration to become a doctor came at a young age, as I would watch my mother and would want to emulate her.

Being raised by a physician mother, what unique insights or perspectives do you think you gained about the medical profession that others may not have?
I think I always knew this is more than “just a job”. I knew one would be busy. One would have to choose between family meals, festivals, wedding attendances vs patient care and the answer was always patient care. but I always saw my mom happy to be making that choice. And feeling like it was a privilege to take care of others.

Can you share a memorable moment or story from your upbringing that illustrates the impact your mother’s career as a physician had on you?
On multiple occasions, I would meet strangers at a store or my friend’s mothers, and they would all tell me, your mom is a great doctor, what she has done with me has changed my life. In response, I would just be in awe of her and think to myself if I can ever measure up to be something like her.

What advice or guidance did your mother impart to you that you still carry with you in your practice today?
She said you must always remember why you chose this profession; it is to serve people and help them.

If you could express your gratitude to your mother for her influence on your career, what would you say to her on this Mother’s Day?
I cannot imagine myself doing anything else, although it’s been a long journey, lots of hard work, but ultimately, when the patients smile back at you and thank you for your help, you feel like it’s all worth it and that you are doing something of value for the society.