Throughout Mental Health Awareness Month, our Behavioral Health team is sharing tips to help support your mental health. Mental health is the result of the steps you take and the choices you make every day.   Here are some tips to help you take the steps and make the choices that are best for your emotional wellbeing.

Tips for Adults

  1. Get and stay active (doesn’t necessarily mean joining a gym).
  2. Engage in meaningful activities (volunteer, do things for others, engage in activities that give you a sense of purpose).
  3. Eat well, feel well (what you eat impacts how you feel emotionally and physically, pay attention to how your mind and body respond to different foods).
  4. Make time to relax (build it into your schedule).
  5. Pay attention to how you think (negative thoughts and distorted thinking contribute to symptoms of anxiety and depression – how you think determines how you feel).
  6. Stay socially connected (daily face-to-face interaction with others is important for wellbeing).
  7. Make quality sleep a priority (set times to go to bed and wake up each day, minimize screen time in the hours before bed).
  8. Build your skills (learn to manage stress, set boundaries, problem solving).

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