The Holtmeyer Family

When Makenzie and Bradley Holtmeyer prepared to welcome their third child earlier this year, life was a lot different — and busier — from when they welcomed their first child three years ago.

Their three-year-old daughter, Meredith, arrived via a natural delivery. Their second daughter, 20-month-old Charlotte, was delivered via a C-section. Anticipating a C-section with her son, Lincoln, Holtmeyer worried recovery would be much more difficult with a newborn and two toddlers at home.

So, Holtmeyer’s obstetrician, Dr. Katy Wand, presented a different option for her. In December 2020, VBAC, or vaginal birth after cesarean, was reinstated locally, allowing women who previously had a C-section to have a vaginal birth. Holtmeyer knew VBAC was the best decision for her. 

“My second pregnancy ended in a C-section due to a breech baby. I was blessed to still have daycare for my first, so I was able to rest during the day. The recovery was quick and easy with no complications,” she explained. “Due to COVID and daycare limitations, I became a stay-at-home mom about halfway through this pregnancy. Taking care of three children after a C-section would have been much more difficult and would have likely made recovery much longer.”

C-sections, in general, come with more complications, more pain, and more postpartum recovery time. VBAC is an ideal option for women like Holtmeyer, Dr. Wand noted.“There are many benefits to VBAC. In general, VBAC is considered safer than repeat cesarean section under many circumstances and avoids the risks of surgical complications,” she explained. “Women who deliver by VBAC have a quicker recovery, shorter hospital stay, less pain, less bleeding, and a lower risk of infection.”

Going into the delivery, Holtmeyer felt well prepared and confident in her decision. She credited Dr. Wand, and the time Dr. Wand spent with her, which allowed her to feel comfortable with VBAC.“

I was induced at 40 weeks, and my experience was wonderful. Dr. Wand was upfront and thoroughly explained any risks associated with the VBAC prior to my decision. She listened to any concerns I had and answered any questions in-depth and with honesty,” Holtmeyer shared. “We were blessed to have everything go smoothly, so the delivery was very similar to my first natural delivery. My recovery was as expected and much easier than the major surgery of a C-section.”

As the Holtmeyers settle in as a family of five, they couldn’t be happier and are grateful to have Dr. Wand as their physician.

“Dr. Wand has been a great fit for my family and me,” Holtmeyer shared. “Dr. Wand’s care for me and our babies has been wonderful, and it has definitely been a blessing to have her as my OB/GYN.”