Dr. Daniel Riggs (pictured second from left) with his wife, Ginger, and their four sons.

Dr. Daniel Riggs, oral surgeon with Quincy Medical Group (QMG), is father to four sons, or the “band of brothers” as he calls them. Raising them and seeing them succeed is his greatest achievement. His sons credit him for where they are today.

The Riggs brothers, Eric, Ryan, Adam, and Evan, say their dad’s influence heavily inspired their lives, including their careers. All four have gone on to have successful careers, with three of them following in their dad’s footsteps into the medical field. All chose to attend Dr. Riggs’s alma mater, Westminster College, and join the same fraternity of his father.

Eric earned his MBA and now works as an investment consultant in St. Louis; Ryan is a general dentist in Quincy; Adam has his medical degree and is a pediatric resident at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri; and Evan has medical degree and is a general surgery resident at University of Louisville in Kentucky.

A Strong Foundation
Healthcare has been an integral part of Dr. Riggs’s family life. Both he and his wife — Ginger, a registered nurse at QMG — exposed their children to the importance of caring for others. The boys all worked in Dr. Riggs’s office and that experience has undoubtedly influenced their academic excellence, whether in the fields of science or business.

“The boys would come to the hospital and sit in the nurses’ station while I saw patients on the weekend,” Dr. Riggs shared. “They learned about how to work with patients with empathy and compassion.”

Dr. Riggs recalls many cherished moments spent with his sons, from attending St. Louis Cardinals baseball games, high school and college graduations, and countless family gatherings. These experiences created a strong bond among the family, fostering a sense of camaraderie and friendship among the brothers.

“My proudest moments have been watching them progress into young men, professionals, husbands, and fathers. They all have incredible senses of humor and they make me laugh,” he said. “It is incredibly rewarding to watch them be best friends to each other and how quickly they rally to each other’s defense in adversity. I enjoy learning from each of them in their respective fields. I am amazed at their insight and actually listen and take their advice. I am in awe of their intelligence.”

Dr. Riggs and Ginger encouraged their children to excel academically, emphasizing the importance of hard work and the impact they could make in their chosen fields.

Adam’s Journey to Pediatrics
Adam, currently a pediatric resident physician, credits his father for instilling in him a passion for medicine. The memories of playing sports together created a special bond between them.

“From him teaching me how to play soccer and baseball, to playing catch with him and my brothers in the backyard, to going to Busch Stadium with him and mom and my brothers to watch our beloved Cardinals play,” Adam shared. “I still remember every game I played in. I’d look over to the sidelines and dad would be standing there with mom, rooting me on. I could always count on him to be there.”

Even into Adam’s adult years, he said he carries the lessons instilled him by his parents with him every day. Adam recognized his father’s compassionate nature and sought to emulate it in his own career. Following his father’s guidance, he pursued a path in medicine, aiming to make a positive impact on the lives of young patients.

“I always looked up to Dad and thought it was cool to work in medicine. For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to be like him one day and become a doctor. I am fortunate to have a father like mine who has helped guide me into following my heart and pursuing a career in medicine where I can help people like he has all these years.”

Evan’s Path to General Surgery
Evan, a general surgery resident, fondly recalls how his father guided him through the pivotal decisions in life. Dr. Riggs’s steadfast support and emphasis on service ultimately led Evan to the field of medicine.

Witnessing his father’s sacrifice and commitment inspired him to pursue surgery.

“There is not a specific moment I knew I wanted to pursue a career in medicine. It was an accumulation of small moments that included observing my father make a career out of sacrifice and service, which had a tremendous impact on my decision to become a surgeon,” he said.

Evan’s gratitude for his father’s guidance is immeasurable, as he embarks on a surgical career to help others, just as his father did.

“For most of my childhood, I wanted to join the military with the goal of service. At some point, my father convinced me that my talents and desire for service would be better achieved through the field of medicine,” Evan shared. “Since then, I have fallen in love with surgery, just like he did. It’s a gift I can never repay him for.”

Ryan’s Dental Pursuit
Ryan, a dentist, said his dad’s commitment to his family always comes before anything else. Even with his busy schedule, Dr. Riggs always made time for his boys.

“I think my favorite memories growing up continually come back to our time spent playing ball in the backyard and messing around with my brothers. He always dropped everything whenever possible to take part in playing catch, kicking the soccer ball, or rough housing with us,” said Ryan.

From a young age, Ryan knew he would pursue a career in healthcare and decided on dentistry during his junior year of college. He got to see his dad firsthand in action, which gave him a greater respect for him.

“During my summers in college leading up to and following that time, I worked at my father’s office assisting with anesthesia and other tasks around the office. It allowed me to see firsthand my father’s most valuable gift as a practitioner,” Ryan said.  He’s shown me that when you truly show your real self to patients and treat everyone as you wish to be treated, patients see, and most importantly, feel the difference.”

Eric’s Financial Impact
Eric, an investment consultant, has also been influenced by his father’s values and work ethic. Dr. Riggs imparted the importance of family, determination, and the pursuit of meaningful work. Eric’s career didn’t take the same path as his brothers. He was guided by his parents’ encouragement to align his talents and interests, ultimately leading him to a role where he can positively impact the lives of others through his financial expertise.

“Watching him serve others for 30+ years has always inspired me to search for a way that I can use my skills to better other people,” Eric said. “He has also been an example of grit and determination that has reminded me that with enough persistence, all problems have a solution.”

Just like his brothers, he knew his dad would always be there for him through it all. Dr. Riggs taught him the importance of putting family and instilling confidence in each of his sons.

“He has also always pushed me to fulfill my potential by doing my best and helping me realize that as long as I’m working hard and learning then the results will work themselves out,” he shared.

The Most Important Lesson
As we celebrate Father’s Day, we celebrate the important role fathers and father figures have on their children. Dr. Riggs has had and continues to have a profound impact on the lives of his sons — Eric, Ryan, Adam, and Evan.

Eric shared the most valuable lesson, “The most important thing my dad taught me is the importance of always putting your family first. Friends, jobs, material objects — those all come and go, but your family will always be the most important thing you have.”