QMG Infectious Disease Physician Dr. Hala Saad

As we observe World AIDS Day, Quincy Medical Group (QMG) remains committed to providing advanced HIV treatment and care. This year, QMG Infectious Disease Physician Dr. Hala Saad began offering Cabenuva, a cutting-edge medicine that has transformed the landscape of HIV treatment.

According to Dr. Saad, Cabenuva is a revolutionary medication designed for the effective management of HIV. It sets itself apart by being a long-acting injectable therapy. This marks a significant departure from traditional HIV medications, which are typically administered orally.

“It’s a combination of two drugs, cabotegravir and rilpivirine, that are given as a long-acting injectable therapy once every other month,” said Dr. Saad. “It differs from other HIV medications because it is the only available injectable medication for HIV, whereas other medications are oral.”

Cabenuva provides a welcome alternative to daily oral HIV medications. For some individuals, maintaining adherence to a daily pill regimen can be challenging. Cabenuva addresses this issue by offering a less frequent, yet equally effective, injectable treatment option. This enhanced convenience is expected to improve overall adherence and, consequently, treatment outcomes.

“This drug is typically prescribed for adults living with HIV who have achieved viral suppression on their current oral antiretroviral regimen,” explained Dr. Saad. “Patients who may benefit from Cabenuva are those who prefer or have difficulty with daily pill regimens and have demonstrated adherence to their current HIV treatment.”

Dr. Saad stated that Cabenuva, approved by the FDA in January 2021, has shown effectiveness in treating patients.

“The success rate of Cabenuva depends on various factors, including individual patient adherence and the stage of HIV infection. It has been shown to be effective in maintaining viral suppression when taken as prescribed,” stated Dr. Saad.

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