Dr. Larry Minnick

After a full career in pediatrics and neonatal medicine in the United States Air Force and another 25 years here at Quincy Medical Group, Dr. Larry Minnick will retire on January 1, 2022.

In total, he’s been a physician for 49.5 years, a pediatrician for 46 plus years, and a neonatologist since 1982. He started at QMG on September 3, 1996, and has been an integral part of the Pediatrics team ever since, caring for many of our communities’ families through the years.

Caring for the youngest — and tiniest — of patients is what he’ll miss most about his job.

“The most meaningful part of my job is the sick newborns, especially preemies, who I have been able to take care of and follow long term, which has always been my true love in medicine.”

For a family, finding the right pediatrician for their family is very important, and it’s a role Dr. Minnick never took lightly.

“I have always felt privileged to have been trusted by my so many nice families to take care of their children,” he said.

Beyond his families, he will miss his colleagues here at QMG, especially his fellow pediatricians and the obstetrician team. As he looks forward to what’s next, his list is long including fishing more, woodworking, and lots of travel.

“I would like to go to all of the Oklahoma State football games next year, not just home games. I want to travel to Eastern Canada. We have traveled in all of the provinces and territories in Canada from Quebec west. I need to go to Rhode Island, the only state we haven’t traveled to yet.”

For his families that he will miss dearly, he shares, “Thank you again for making my years here in Quincy both memorable and rewarding. I will miss you.”