Dr. Jean Disseler

After completing her residency at Indiana University Medical Center in Indianapolis, Dr. Jean Disseler began her ophthalmology career in Gallipolis, Ohio.  She spent three years there and was ready for a new opportunity.

“At the same time, Quincy was semi-looking for a general ophthalmologist. Since my husband was from Quincy, we came for a visit and the fit seemed very good,” she shared.

She decided to make the move and on December 30, 1990, she began her career at QMG. Almost 31 years to the date, Dr. Disseler plans to retire with many wonderful memories.

“I’ve enjoyed my opportunities to be in governance, and enjoyed my fellow ophthalmologists and the push and excitement they give to keep up in the field.  I have been blessed from Drs. Stevenson and Stump to my current partners.”

As she reflects on her career, she said she has had many special moments. She recalls one encounter with a fellow physician early in her time here at QMG.

“I hadn’t been here very long and had not met everyone yet. I was scrubbing for surgery and the vascular surgeon, Dr. Bitter, came scrubbing next to me. I was talking to him like you would any partner when he asked me who I was working for. I told him I was working for myself that I was one of his new partners in the eye department, he burst out laughing. He then told all of administration.”

She also remembers when “fatherly” Dr. Stevenson insisted she not make the drive to Hannibal to see patients due to a big snowstorm and her two unlikely referrals to the Orthopedics department.

“With smiles on their faces, I was asked what was going on in the eye department as they never get referrals from us,” she recalls.

As she looks to retirement, Dr. Disseler said she plans to “try several different things and cross off the ones that don’t work and continue with the ones that do.”

She also plans to travel more, continue playing golf, read non-medical books more, and learn new sports.

“I hear pickleball is the rage.”

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