In December, Quincy Medical Group (QMG) became one of the first independent physician groups in the state of Illinois to receive doses of Bamlanivimab from the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH).

Bamlanivimab is an investigational medication granted Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It is one of the first medications for treatment of mild to moderate active COVID-19 patients at high risk for progressing to severe COVID-19 or hospitalization.

QMG Interim Chief Medical Officer Dr. Rick Noble said having access to leading frontline therapies for the treatment of COVID-19 has significant benefits for patients and the community.

“Bamlanivimab treatments allow our QMG providers to treat their high-risk patients early in the disease course, therefore reducing the progression of the disease and ultimate hospitalizations. This allows our patients the feeling of confidence that QMG continues to provide the finest in cutting-edge treatments,” he said.

QMG Pharmacist Liz McReynolds said QMG received its first allocation of the medication on December 10, 2020, and successfully treated the first patient the next day on December 11, 2020. QMG is now able to treat patients 6 days per week with up to 12 patients each day in negative pressurize rooms.  In total, 127 patients have been treated at QMG with Bamlanivimab.

She said patients must meet certain criteria for the treatment and it’s not indicated for patients that have already progressed to severe COVID-19 or already hospitalized.

“The goal is to treat patients in the mild to moderate stage, halting and reversing disease progression,” she said. “We are honored to be identified by the Illinois Department of Public Health as a great alternative treatment site for the tri-state community.”

Patients will be assessed by their healthcare provider at QMG and scheduled for treatment if they meet the criteria. Patients who do not have a QMG healthcare provider can schedule a telehealth visit with a QMG Now (Ambulatory Care Center) provider who can order the medication if the patient is deemed to meet the criteria.

IDPH has specific patient criteria for Bamlanivimab therapy as such:

  1. 12 years and older
  2. Weigh at least 40 kg (approximately 88 lbs)
  3. Mild to moderate active COVID-19
  4. Positive COVID test
  5. 10-day window from onset of symptoms
  6. 65 years of age and older (no comorbidity necessary)
  7. Less than 65 years of age (must have medical co-morbidity that increases the risk of disease progression).

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