Alicia Schmidt and her husband first met at a church camp when they were both in high school.  Alicia lived in Sigel, IL and her husband lived in Camp Point.  They reconnected seven years later through Facebook.  They later married and started their life in Camp Point.  Her husband is a farmer and Alicia has her “dream job” as a high school chemistry teacher at Central High School.

They were happy and ready to expand their family but struggled to get pregnant.  Alicia and her husband decided to reach out Quincy Medical Group’s Women Center to seek medical advice.  Obstetrician Dr. Obioma Maduakor had recently started at QMG, and the Schmidts got an appointment scheduled quickly.   They knew at that first appointment, Dr. Maduakor was the perfect physician to see them through this journey.

“I fell in love with her instantly, and so did my husband,” Alicia said.  “During the first appointment, she sat down with us and said we’re going to help you.  She saw our desire was strong to start a family.”

From there, Alicia said, Dr. Maduakor was quick to move and started with a thorough check of both she and husband to rule out any underlying medical issues.   From there, they began ongoing care from Dr. Maduakor to help them realize their dream of a family.  During this time, Alicia said she truly saw Dr. Maduakor’s level of commitment and kindness.  “She came in on her days off, even on a Saturday, and was always willing to work with our schedule,” Alicia said.  “She made us feel so comfortable.  Dr. Maduakor told us that when she felt like she couldn’t help us anymore, she would make sure to find someone who could. This made me feel confident that we were in good hands of someone who is passionate and honest.” Dr. Maduakor ended up referring the Schmidts to a specialist; however, Alicia became pregnant a few months later prior to seeing the specialist. “I was so excited to call Dr. Maduakor to tell her I was pregnant,” Alicia said, “And, I think Dr. Maduakor was just as excited to get my phone call.”

Now the parents of two little girls, the Schmidts both appreciate Dr. Maduakor’s support throughout their journey to get pregnant and her skill and care during each of their deliveries.  Her first delivery took a scary turn when her daughter’s umbilical cord became wrapped around her neck.  In delivery, her daughter’s shoulders became stuck and the moments became critical, within minutes of fatality.  Dr. Maduakor acted quickly and with great reassurance to the new parents. Her baby was monitored closely but had suffered brachial plexus injury and was referred to St. Louis Children’s Hospital. The Schmidts’ baby recovered fully and quickly without any medical intervention.

Alicia never really knew the moment was that scary because Dr. Maduakor stayed calm and reassuring throughout. Alicia’s second delivery was monitored closely by Dr. Maduakor because of problems with the first delivery.  Alicia was happy to know that Dr. Maduakor collaborated with her colleagues at QMG about delivery strategies.  In the end, Alicia knew she was in great hands.  “Dr. Maduakor knows what’s best for her patients,” she said.  “She loves and truly gets to know her patients.  I tell everyone I have the best ob/gyn.”

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Maduakor click this link or call, (217) 222-6550 ext. 3815.