Morgan Kim (left) and Leila Dade

Morgan Kim and Leila Dade were recently honored as the Quincy Medical Group Foundation Dr. Michael K. Ouwenga Scholarship 2024 recipients. The two Quincy Senior High School students were surprised by members of the QMG team, family, friends, and Quincy Senior High School staff.

Morgan Kim shared, “Growing up, I aspired to serve others through medicine. This career aspiration has propelled me to excel in my academics and thoughtfully engage myself in our community.”

Outside of her school work, Morgan has dedicated time to community involvement and service, and as Senior Class President, she has cultivated a spirit of meaningful service among her classmates.

In her application, Morgan shared how holding various leadership roles taught her “to identify and meet multiple needs I observed in our community by connecting my peers’ willingness and ability to serve with those in need of support.”

In her future career, Morgan desires to be an OB/GYN. “I hope to utilize an education in biology to better understand the leading cause of infertility and help those struggling to expand their families.”

Leila Dade’s desire to improve people’s well-being drives her to volunteer in the community and pursue a healthcare degree. In her application, Leila shared, “Making a difference in people’s lives brings me a great sense of fulfillment.”

While Leila knew she wanted to pursue a healthcare career, it wasn’t until she shadowed a local optometrist that she discovered her passion for optometry. The experience, she said, solidified her desire to help people live more fulfilling lives.

Leila’s ultimate goal is to utilize her profession to bring about a positive influence on society. Leila shared, “When I become an optometrist, I would love to also start a non-profit because I truly believe that everyone deserves to live a healthy life.”

Dr. Ouwenga, QMG Urologist, was a man who embodied scholarship, leadership, and service to his community and patients. The scholarship was made possible by a generous donation from Dr. Ouwenga’s family, who wanted to honor his memory and lay down tracks where he lived.

Congratulations, Morgan and Leila! You have an amazing future ahead of you!