BTG LogoThe Quincy Medical Group Healthcare Foundation’s event, Bridge the Gap to Health, bypassed its $75,000 fundraising goal and today presented a check for $76,755.49 to the Quincy Catholic Charities MedAssist Program. This program generates funds to help individuals in the community obtain life-saving prescription medications. In the 15 years since the race began the event has raised $653,291.21 for the MedAssist program which has been used to access more than 46,000 prescriptions. The record breaking donation comes from a combination of registration fees, donations, and sponsors. Sponsors of this year’s race were Quincy Medical Group, Adams County Medical Society Alliance, ADM Alliance, Blessing Health System, DOT Foods, KHQA, Kohl Wholesale, Mississippi Belle, Quincy Herald Whig, Quincy Recycle, Refreshment Services Pepsi, State Street Bank, Titan International, Unity Point at Home, and WGEM.

The MedAssist Program helps leverage medications from pharmaceutical companies for families who meet income guidelines and other criteria set forth by the pharmaceutical company.  MedAssist is funded solely through the generosity of the United Way, Bridge the Gap to Health, individual donations and minimal patient fees.

“The Quincy Medical Group Healthcare Foundation is so proud of this event and we are grateful for the success it continues to have each year,” said Carol Brockmiller, CEO of Quincy Medical Group and QMG Healthcare Foundation Board Member. “The 15th year was no exception, and we couldn’t do it without the amazing support of sponsors and participants. The rewarding part of the race is the donation made to Catholic Charities for the MedAssist program, and the continued community enthusiasm for the event and the cause. We are already looking forward to next year.”

 “The Quincy Catholic Charities thanks all the community leaders, volunteers, and participants for their dedication over the last 15 years,” Jackie Bruns, Quincy Catholic Charities Area Director said, “Without the MedAssist program hundreds of people would go without prescriptions that help them manage chronic diseases. The primary goal of helping others through hard work has brought success to the cause and made the community a better place for everyone.”

The race’s milestone of 15 years drew over 2,000 participants which exceeded the participation goal. The 2016 race is set for May 21. For more information about Bridge the Gap to Health, go to