The Beyond Shop inside the QMG Cancer Institute.

The Beyond Shop inside the Quincy Medical Group (QMG) Cancer Institute is an intimate space that provides non-medical support items to patients undergoing cancer treatment. The QMG Cancer Institute is an all-inclusive cancer care facility with a mission to serve patients, reminding them that they are beyond their diagnosis. The Beyond Shop was named in that honor and is funded by generous donations and the QMG Foundation. The Beyond Shop is a space dedicated to supporting the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of all patients. From the selections of head coverings and hairpieces to comfort products like lotions, creams, and blankets, the Beyond Shop serves to encourage and support patients before, during, and after their oncology journey.

The QMG Foundation is introducing a new way to help fund the Beyond Shop while also giving support and encouragement to oncology patients with the purchase of a “Beyond the Battle” gift box. The “Beyond the Battle” gift box is a customized gift that provides oncology patients with a variety of care items as well as comforting and encouraging gifts to offer support for anyone during their cancer journey.

QMG Community Relations Specialist Morgan Parker said, “Anyone can order a customized gift box for a loved one who is facing their brave battle with cancer. The gift boxes include items like cozy socks, journals for keeping track of care plan information or for emotional support, bracelets with inspiring messages, specialized skincare products known to support oncology patients, and other inspirational items.”

Beyond the Battle gift boxes are filled with items to support patients undergoing cancer care.

“Beyond the Battle” gift boxes can be purchased by anyone and for anyone as they can be customized for patients undergoing care at the QMG Cancer Institute or shipped to anyone directly. Gift boxes allow purchasers to leave a message with encouraging words, a prayer, or a kind thought which will be placed on the inside of the box for a patient to read upon opening.

“Now more than ever our patients need to know they aren’t alone in this battle. Providing a box of tangible items that will support our patients is one way that you can make an impact on their journey during the holiday season,” shared Parker.

To purchase a “Beyond the Battle” box or to make a donation, visit