After several months of our activities being restricted to home, getting back to “normal” (Is that even a thing anymore?) may be anxiety-provoking for some. While some kiddos respond fine to the “cold turkey” method of just jumping right back into a routine, others will need their re-entry to be more gradual. Mealtimes, bedtimes, even hygiene schedules may be out of sync after such a long break from school.

Start getting your family’s daily routine back on track now so that the school day will be easier for them to adjust to. Make small adjustments to your child’s eating and sleeping schedule every day to gradually shift back into a more structured routine. If she is apprehensive about returning to karate lessons, maybe have her watch a class or hang out at the dojo to get reacclimated before joining in the fun. If the thought of returning to school reduces him to tears, take the next few weeks to help him warm up to the idea by driving by the school or spending a few minutes in the parking lot talking about fun memories of last year. It’s hard on kids and their parents and guardians to make several big changes at once. Avoid the struggle by breaking it down and taking small steps every day.