Quincy Medical Group is now offering Axonics® Therapy — the first rechargeable neurostimulation device that provides a long-lasting solution to help patients gain control.

QUINCY, IL – Quincy Medical Group (QMG) Urologist Matthew Knudson, M.D. recently announced the addition of Axonics Therapy — a long-lasting and clinically proven solution that provides symptom relief for patients suffering with overactive bladder, bowel incontinence, and urinary retention. Millions of people worldwide suffer from these chronic and debilitating symptoms.1

Dr. Knudson will host a virtual community health talk titled “Regain Bladder and Bowel Control” on Tuesday, Jan. 10 at 6 p.m. to share more about the therapy. Community members are invited to attend this free event. To register for the virtual talk, click here.

The Axonics Therapy works by providing gentle electrical stimulation (sacral neuromodulation) to the nerves that control the bladder and bowel, restoring normal communication and resulting in an improvement in symptoms.

The Axonics System offers a long-lived miniaturized neurostimulator that is approximately the size of a quarter. The rechargeable device is implanted into the pelvic area during a minimally invasive, outpatient procedure. It is qualified to last 15 or more years in the body, eliminating the need for repeat surgeries over the patient’s lifetime. Until today, the only other product available required replacement surgery every four years due to battery depletion and removal of the implanted device if an MRI was required. Patients are provided with a discreet easy to use Remote Control that can be used to manage their therapy.

 Benefits of Axonics Therapy

  • Clinically proven to help people regain urinary and bowel control2
  • 93% of patients experiencing clinically significant symptom improvements at two years post-implant.2
  • Designed to provide patients with long-lasting relief
  • Allows patients to undergo Full-Body MRI safely without having to explant the device
  • High patient satisfaction at 2 years2
    • 94% of patients were satisfied with their therapy2

Dr. Knudson shared, “Bladder control issues can have a profound effect on a person’s quality of life as well as have significant cost. Medications do not help everyone or may have side effects. Axonics therapy is a highly effective option for many patients with by far the best customer service I have seen from any device company.”

Learn more at https://www.axonics.com/.


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