It is important to note that for regenerative therapy to provide you with the best possible result it should be considered a component of a comprehensive treatment plan. Depending on your situation this may include dietary and lifestyle changes, postural evaluation and correction, physical therapy and exercise, osteopathic manipulative medicine and/or other modalities.

How Can I Help?

It is very important to adhere to the instructions you will receive prior to having your procedure in order to achieve your optimal outcome. This especially pertains to certain medications: NSAIDs, anticoagulants, and steroid medications.

A few weeks after your injection, Dr. Joseph Newton or Dr. Theresa Newton will have you return to the office for a recheck and to discuss your rehabilitation program. You will be provided detailed instructions regarding your post injection activities and therapy. This is an opportunity to address any questions you have regarding your return to sports or other goals you might have. We will discuss flexibility, strength and also aerobic conditioning as your situation may require.

When Will I Feel Better?

Graph Showing RIT Healing ProcessThere are three stages to tissue healing, regardless of the form of RIT that has been utilized. The acute inflammatory phase is about 10 days, followed by the proliferative stage which lasts 30 or more days and finally the maturation phase which is taking place 3 – 4 months after your injection. After a single stem cell injection, the tissue response to healing can continue for approximately a year or so.

Should I Consider Another Injection? When?

As we go through our daily activities, tissue and joint wear and tear is continually occurring. In general, RIT treatment works well especially with regards to repair of soft tissue injuries: tendon and ligament repair. When it comes to the weight bearing surfaces of joints, this is also a very worthwhile treatment avenue to reduce pain and improve function. It may also be in your best interest to consider a repeat injection to maintain or boost your healing response. Dr. Joseph and Dr. Theresa Newton will help to guide your decision in this process based on your specific condition.

The Day of Your Procedure