Impact Baseline Test LogoImPACT Baseline Test is a series of tasks for ages 12-59 that measure brain function in a healthy state. If you have a head injury, your doctor is able to compare your baseline scores to post-injury scores to help determine if you have a concussion.

Baseline test scores are stored in our secure database and only our trained healthcare providers can access them.

ImPACT is in use by the majority of teams in MLB, NHL, NFL, and WWE.  ImPACT and its products continue to evolve by incorporating the latest advancements in neurocognitive science and in technology for portability and ease of use. In addition, ImPACT is constantly expanding educational resources and tools to raise awareness regarding the importance of proper concussion management.

The ImPACT™ Test is:

  • One important piece of the overall concussion evaluation and management process.
  • A sophisticated test of cognitive abilities.
  • The most scientifically researched concussion management tool.
  • A tool that can help healthcare professionals track recovery of cognitive processes following a concussion.
  • A tool to help communicate post-concussion status to athletes, coaches, parents, clinicians.
  • A tool that helps healthcare professionals and educators make decisions about academic needs following a concussion.

Sports Concussion Clinic

QMG’s Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Department offers a free concussion clinic to area athletes injured during a game or practice.

Monday – Thursday: 8 a.m. – 3 p.m.
Friday: 8 a.m. – 11 a.m.
Located on the first floor of the 1118 Hampshire St. Building

If you think your child has experienced a concussion outside of school athletics you can give us a call at 217-222-2663 for an appointment.

Danger signs can include dilated pupils, slurred speech, worsening headaches, confusion, or loss of consciousness. If they do show some of these signs, you may want to go to the emergency department for a physical examination.

Information provided by ImPACT Baseline Test.