Can I take this medication during pregnancy is a common question many women ask. The following medications and home remedies have no known harmful effects during pregnancy when taken according to the package directions. If you want to know about the safety of any other medications not listed here, please call us at 217-222-6550, ext. 3753.

Headaches or general achiness

  • Tylenol
  • Extra Strength Tylenol

For relief of seasonal allergies:

  • Claritin
  • Zyrtec

For relief of head congestion and cold symptoms:

  • Actifed
  • Sudafed
  • Benadryl
  • Tylenol Allergy Sinus
  • Tylenol Sinus
  • Chlor-Trimeton
  • Vicks Vapor Rub
  • Nasal Sprays – only as directed by your physician

For relief of coughing:

  • Cough Drops
  • Robitussin
  • Robitussin DM
  • Delsym
  • Mucinex

For relief of sore throat:

  • Cepacol (Lozenges or Spray)
  • Chloraseptic (Lozenges or Spray)
  • Salt Water Gargle

For relief of vaginal itching/yeast infection:

  • Monistat
  • Gyne-Lotrimin
  • Terazol– perscription only

For relief of hemorrhoidal discomfort:

  • Anusol (Cream or Suppositories)
  • Anusol HC-1 (Cream or Suppositories)
  • Tucks

For relief of constipation:

  • Citrucel or Metamucil
  • Colace
  • Dialose Plus
  • Surfak
  • MiraLax

For relief of diarrhea:

  • Kaopectate
  • Imodium A-D

For relief of heartburn:

  • Maalox
  • Mylanta
  • Rolaids
  • Tums
  • Pepcid
  • Zantac
  • Prilosec – only as directed

Iron preparations: Use only as directed by your physician

  • Ferrous Sequels
  • Ferrous Sulfate 325 mg
  • Slow FE
  • ProFe

For relief of nausea or morning sickness:

  • Eat small frequent meals, drink flat white soda or Coke, and eat crackers or toast, sour lemon drops or peppermints
  • Vitamin B6 – only as directed by your physician
  • Unisom– only as directed by your physician

If these medications do not help relieve symptoms – please notify your physician. You may use generic (store brand) substitutes of the above medications.