Choosing the Right Car Seat for Your Baby

Choosing the Right Car Seat for Your BabyChoosing the right car seat for your baby may seem overwhelming, but we have put together a list to help you out. Also, check out the link below (in pink) to find the right seat for your baby’s height and weight and compare brands.

  1. Infants should ride in rear-facing child safety seats in the back seat until at least age 1 and at least 20 pounds.
  2. If under age 1, but more than 20 pounds, infants should ride in a child safety seat approved for heavier babies and remain rear-facing until at least age 1. Best practice states that children should ride rear-facing until they reach the upper weight or height limits of the safety seat.
  3. Never place a rear-facing infant seat in front of a passenger airbag.
  4. Once children outgrow their rear-facing child safety seats (typically over age 1 and heavier than 20 pounds) they should ride in a forward-facing child safety seat until they reach the upper weight (usually 40 pounds) or height limits of the seat.
  5. Once children outgrow forward-facing child safety seats, they should ride in the back seat in booster seats until they are at least 8 years old, unless they are 4 feet 9 inches tall, at which point they should fit properly in a seat belt.
  6. After outgrowing a booster seat, children under age 13 should always use a seat belt and ride in the back seat. Remember, kids of all ages are safest when properly restrained in the back seat.
  7. Old/used child safety seats should not be used unless you are certain they have never been in a crash and you have all the parts (including instructions). Seats that are 6 years old or older should be discarded and never used. Click here to check if your child safety seat has been recalled.
  8. Always read both the vehicle owner’s manual and the instructions that come with the child safety seat.
  9. It is important to remember that the “best” child safety seat is the one that correctly fits the child, the vehicle, and is used correctly every time.
  10. Get your child’s safety seat checked!
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