What is Digital Mammography

Digital (computerized) mammography is similar to standard mammography in that x-rays are used to produce detailed images of the breast. Digital mammography uses essentially the same mammography system as conventional mammography, but the system is equipped with a digital receptor and a computer instead of a film cassette.

What is the difference between a screening mammography and diagnostic mammography?

  • Screening mammography is used as a preventative measure for women who have no symptoms of breast disease. A screening mammogram usually involves two views of each breast.
  • Diagnostic mammography involves additional views of the breast, and it is used when an abnormality is found during screening, or in women who have breast complaints.

What else should I know?

  • A mammogram cannot prove that an abnormal area is cancer. To confirm whether cancer is present, a small amount of tissue must be removed and examined under a microscope. This procedure is called a biopsy.
  • Siemens mammography requires 40 – 60% less radiation exposure than other systems.
  • Digital mammography requires no doctor referral and the results will be sent to the physician of your choice.
  • Health insurance usually pays for one mammogram per year.
  • The American Cancer Society says all women aged 40 and older should have a yearly mammogram.

How can I schedule a mammogram?

If you would like to schedule your next mammogram by telephone, please call:

Quincy, IL      – 217-222-6550, ext. 3284
Pittsfield, IL   – 217-285-9661

Or Click the links below to schedule your mammogram online!

Please fill out the scheduling questionnaire as accurately as possible and a Quincy Medical Group staff member will contact you within one business day to confirm your mammography appointment.

Please Note: The online scheduling tool is for screening mammograms only. If you have detected a lump, please contact your primary care provider.