When are eye examinations necessary?

  • Providers recommend an eye exam every one to two years for normal findings, and more often if managing or treating eye care diseases.
  • Persons with diabetes are at risk for several eye disorders and should have eye examinations every year.
  • Patients 65 and older should typically have a dilated eye examination annually.

Primary Eye Care and Exams Services

  • Educating patients about maintaining and promoting healthy vision.
  • Performing a comprehensive examination of the visual system.
  • Full-service optical services for all members of the family.
  • Screening for eye diseases and conditions affecting vision.
  • Treatment of conditions and disorders of the eye.
  • Recognizing ocular manifestations of systemic diseases and systemic effects of ocular medications.
  • Making diagnoses for any detected abnormalities.
  • Performing refractions.
  • Fitting and prescribing optical aids such as glasses and contact lenses.
  • Counseling and educating patients about eye disease.
  • Recognizing and managing the effects of drug therapy.
  • Performing surgery when necessary.
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