Why Thyroid RFA?

Patients with thyroid nodules can suffer from all kinds of symptoms that significantly impact their quality of life. These symptoms can range from localized pain, difficulty swallowing, discomfort in the neck, a large bump in the neck/throat, and more.

Thyroid RFA (Radiofrequency Ablation) treatment works by destroying thyroid nodules with an ultra-sound guided radiofrequency-ablation needle. This treatment can improve thyroid nodule size, patient symptoms, and quality of life by up to 75% without surgical intervention.

Benefits of Thyblate


Low Complication

A large population study evaluating the complication rate of RFA for benign nodules found a total complication rate of 3.3% and a major complication rate of 1.4%.


Save Your Thyroid

RFA preserves your healthy thyroid tissue, helping the thyroid to function normally without the need for lifetime medication.


Minimally Invasive Procedure

A thin needle is used to avoid any surgical scars. No general anesthesia is required, which means no downtime or hospitalization.


Volume Reduction

In a major clinical study, non-functioning benign nodules shrink over 93% in 4 years. More than 70% volume reduction occurred in 6 months.

One of the most meaningful long-term advantages is that you may not need to take lifelong thyroid medication. The treatment preserves healthy thyroid tissue, which allows the thyroid to continue functioning normally — no ongoing medication management, with the difficulties of achieving the correct thyroid hormone dosage.

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Questions about Thyroid RFA?

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