Since 2006, our Quincy Medical Group (QMG) oncologists have served the Pittsfield area at Illini Hospital. As of Nov 6, 2019, we have a new home! Our oncology team is now located in a newly renovated space inside our Pittsfield Clinic location. QMG wants to ensure you are able to receive cancer treatment close to home and, along with the opening of our new Cancer Institute in Quincy in March 2020, we’re happy to announce this expansion of oncology services in our Pittsfield clinic.

We understand you may have questions. We’re happy to help! Below are some answers that may help. If you have others, please give our oncology team at call at (217) 277-4070.

Where are your oncology services now provided?

Our hematology and oncology services relocated to our Quincy Medical Group (QMG) Pittsfield clinic location at 320 N Madison St in Pittsfield.

Why did our doctors move locations?

QMG is committed to providing you with the best care experience. By adding oncology and hematology services to our existing Pittsfield clinic, we’re able to offer you a complete care experience. At this new location, you have convenient access to a wide range of services in addition to oncology and hematology including primary and specialty care services as well as lab and x-ray.

How do I get an appointment?

If you are a current patient of ours, please give us a call so we can assist you in transitioning your care and scheduling your appointment at our new location. You can reach us at (217) 222-6550 choose option 1, then extension 5545. If you are a new patient, call us at (217) 222-6550 choose option 1, then extension 5590. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have.

What doctors will be coming to Pittsfield?

The exact same oncologists and team members who have always supported your care are going to be caring for you at the Pittsfield clinic. These physicians include Dr. M. Amjad Ali, Dr. Christian Khoury, and Dr. Raymond Smith.

What services are offered at the Pittsfield location?

Our team will continue to offer both hematology and oncology care. This includes chemotherapy, infusion therapy, and imaging. A stat lab has been added which will provide you with timely results, optimizing your care with your oncologists. All of our patients have options for additional care at our Cancer Institute in Quincy including radiation oncology and clinical research.

Do I need to transfer my records to the new location?

In order for your care to transfer with us to the Pittsfield clinic we need your authorization to receive your medical records. You will need to complete a Records of Release form which can be downloaded by clicking here or by contacting our Release of Information department at call at (217) 222-6550, ext. 3793 or emailing

Once the form is completed, you can return it to QMG in one of three ways:

  • Drop off at the Pittsfield Clinic (320 N Madison St)
  • Fax to (217) 223-6944
  • Mail to QMG, Records Release, 1025 Maine St, Quincy, IL 62301

Call with questions: (217) 277-4070.

Can I still see my QMG oncologist at Illini?

As of November 6, 2019, our QMG oncologists will be available at our new location and will no longer provide care at Illini. To continue your care with us, you’ll just need to fill out a Records of Release form as detailed in the previous question.