Chemotherapy Services

Chemotherapy is one of the main methods of treating cancer. But the same chemotherapy that treats cancer won’t help if it is not made properly. Improperly made chemotherapy can be harmful. Read more chemotherapy information below.

Specially trained pharmacists and pharmacy technicians prepare chemotherapy. The technician or pharmacist stands in front of a piece of equipment called a Biological Safety Cabinet to make the chemotherapy. The chemotherapy is made inside this cabinet for two reasons. The first reason is to keep the chemotherapy preparation sterile (germ-free). The second reason is to limit the contact between the chemotherapy particles and the pharmacy staff.

All chemotherapy preparations must be sterile, accurate, and timely.


The chemotherapy must be sterile (germ-free), so you do not get an infection by the chemotherapy as it is administered into your body.


The chemotherapy must be made accurately, which means that it is made exactly as your doctor orders. It must be the correct drug and the correct dose. The fluid that contains the drug must be correct. Also, the chemotherapy must be labeled accurately to include the necessary information.


The chemotherapy must be made in a timely manner, which also guarantees sterility and accuracy.

Remember, timely does not mean “as fast as possible.” Timely means the least amount of time that still produces an accurate and sterile product.