That Relatable Factor


Sousa FamilyAs a patient of QMG OB/GYN Dr. Tanya Mero, Jenny Sousa always knew she had found a doctor who was not only highly skilled but cared deeply for her patients.   In fact, Jenny describes her as “the greatest.”    A chance opportunity to see Dr. Mero outside of the medical setting reinforced that point even further. 

Several years ago, Jenny signed up to volunteer assisting with traffic control at the annual Bridge the Gap event.  Signed up for the same location and time was Dr. Mero.  “She pulled up with a car full of kids.  I said ‘how many kids do you have?’” Jenny laughed.  “For me, when I saw her with all of her kids, I knew I couldn’t be in any better hands than with someone who has a family of their own.”

That relatable factor is what Jenny loves most about Dr. Mero.  “Here she is a working mom, leading a life of balancing her job as a doctor while raising a family of her own.  She’s a hardcore working mom that’s very much involved in her kids’ lives.”

Dr. Mero was alongside Jenny through her two pregnancies, and she appreciated Dr. Mero’s thoughtfulness throughout.  “She explains things to you in a way that makes sense for you and always acts in your best interest,” she said.  “She’s calm and comforting.”

Those qualities were even more evident during the delivery of her babies.  Dr. Mero focused on Jenny but recognized the worries of her husband too.  “I’m a pretty calm person too, but it was more of keeping my husband calm,” said Jenny.  “She involved him and made him feel comfortable.  They were joking and talking, and she reassured him.”

So much so, that Dr. Mero even convinced him to cut the cord.   “My husband can be very squeamish,” she said.   “With my first delivery, she kept telling him you’re going to cut the cord, you’re going to cut the cord, and he was like no, I’ll pass out or throw up.  In the end, he cut the cord.”

Dr. Mero’s care didn’t stop after Jenny’s deliveries.   Both Dr. Mero and her nurses are always willing and available to answer questions and address concerns.  “I think a lot of first time moms don’t realize the emotions they go through after having a baby. Some people have different reactions than others,” Jenny said.  “That additional follow-up and care is to me a really big part of why you stick with those individuals because you know they do care.”

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