Patient Excellence for 40 Years


By Erica Douglas

Frances is often the first person you see when you walk through the doors of the Quincy Medical Group, Canton Affiliate office.   She is a Patient Excellence Representative and will celebrate her 40th anniversary with the organization this May. 

“I often hear from patients ‘are you still working?’” she said with a laugh.  A typical day for her is not always so typical.  She does everything from calling patients to sorting mail to answering phones.  “I can’t begin to tell you everything I do because I do whatever needs to be done. I try to fill in when others can’t,” she said.

Working in a small community has allowed Frances the opportunity to get to know patients and their families.  Until recently, she had thought she was seeing her third generation of patients, but she was corrected recently.  She is seeing her 5th generation.  “I was talking to a patient, and she told me I saw her grandma, her mom before she moved away, and I was seeing her that day.  And, I had also seen her son and her grandson.  That just blew me away.”

Away from work, Frances volunteers her time three weekends a year in prison ministry in Mt. Sterling, IL.  This work is how she prefers to use her vacation time - making a difference.

She began with prison ministry at the urging of her husband, Harlie, 25 years ago.  “When he asked me to go with him, my first response was ‘no,'” she said.  “I eventually agreed because it was important to him, and I’ve been doing it ever since.”

Harlie passed away last March, but Frances continues with the work and has witnessed several prisoners go on and do great things.  “Some do well, and others do not.  When you hear the success stories it’s so rewarding,” she said.  “We bring in the love of the Lord.  We plant the seed, and it’s up to each of them as to what they do with that.”

Frances brings her caring nature to her at the clinic too.  Looking back on her almost 40 years of service, she says she enjoys the patients and her co-workers and looks at them as her extended family.  Her time at QMG has been blessed because of it and looks forward to the future.  “We have good doctors and caring employees, and I think that makes all the difference.  That makes QMG a success.”

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