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Please note, NO healthcare information for services recieved after August 3, 2014 will be visible through Follow My Health. Please login to to access current information.

Technical Requirements:
Access to the secure Quincy Medical Group Patient Portal is through your personal computer using an internet connection.

  • Compatible Browsers: Current versions of Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari are supported. Other HTML5 compatible browsers may work.
  • Patient must have: Their own individual Google, Yahoo, Windows Live ID or Facebook account to register and access their patient portal.

Login an Security FAQ



FAQ about FollowMy Health™ Functionality and Account Information



When I sign up with my Facebook, Google, Yahoo or Windows Live credentials, is my health information secure?

Yes. FollowMyHealth™ uses encrypted data techniques to protect your information while in transit and while stored in the databases for access. None of the encrypted information can be decrypted or viewed without using the password you have established. All users should keep their password secret.


Why do I have to use Facebook (or Yahoo, or Google or Windows Live) for logging into FollowMyHealth™?

FollowMyHealth™ has designed this technique to avoid having to have our patients create a new Login ID and Password to access their medical records. The process design provides a safe and secure means of using an existing Login ID and Password to access your FollowMyHealth™ Patient Website data.


This process makes me nervous - I don't want my medical data to go on to the Facebook computer system.

That thought would make anyone nervous, but fortunately that is not something that can happen. There are a number of protections in place when entering your Login ID to access FollowMyHealth™. For Instance; If you use your Facebook ID to login to FollowMyHealth™, the Facebook computer only stays connected long enough to confirm that the correct password has been entered. Then, the session with Facebook is ended and the session to view FollowMyHealth™ records begins. After that, there is never a time when FollowMyHealth™ data can flow to the Facebook computers.


What if a computer system such as Facebook is hacked and the data holding my Login ID and password data are stolen?

The protection steps for the Login and password information from each of the four vendors FollowMyHealth™ utilizes is significant. In each case, the passwords are never stored in an unencrypted state. That means if the password data was somehow accessed and stolen, the strength of the password would be relied upon to continue to protect you. It is always recommended to be sure you have a strong password so that you can rely on this aspect of any illegal password access scenario.


I forgot my password, who do I call?

Quincy Medical Group does not keep password information and cannot reset your password. You must use the method provided by your credential provider (such as Google, Yahoo, Facebook or Windows-Live) to have your password reset.


My email address seems to be known by many suspicious internet entities. Can I create a separate account for logging in to the FollowMyHealth™ Patient Website?

Yes; It is entirely acceptable to establish a new account that would only be used for FollowMyHealth™ access. You will simply set up a new account with one of the 4 vendors and only use it for access to FollowMyHealth™. You will not even have to check the email inbox that will go along with that account. For instance, maybe your regular email address is with Yahoo! For FollowMyHealth™ you can set up a separate Gmail address and use that as your Login-ID for FollowMyHealth™ and nothing else. Your FollowMyHealth™ Login ID does not have to be your regular email address.


What best practice standards are being followed regarding this Login ID?

The standard used is typically referred to as OAUTH 2.0. This standard allows developers to employ highly secure Login procedures while keeping access steps straightforward. This standard is followed by a number of other leading organizations as a means to provide secure access to personal account data.


What do you mean by a "Strong Password"? As long as I keep my Password secret, isn't that enough?

Not really. The techniques for unscrambling passwords by computer hackers are becoming more and more common as each day goes by. A weak password can be guessed by a thief with a strong computer in a few seconds. The stronger a password is, the more time it will take to be guessed by a thief with a strong computer. A strong password is one that will take many many years to be guessed by a thief with a strong computer. A good site for determining password strength is When you select a strong password, you are protecting your data even if the encrypted password data is stolen.


Can you tell me more about the registration process?

To ensure your medical records are kept secure, there are two steps to the registration process. Step one is completing the brief "Get Started" online form so that we can match you to your medical records. Once that has been done, you'll receive an email within two business days from FollowMyHealth™. This email includes instructions for Step Two, setting up your FollowMyHealth™ account. You'll be asked for your Invitation Code, which is the last four digits of your Social Security Number. In setting up your account, you may use the same log-in information you use for Facebook, Google, Yahoo or Windows Live.


What is my Invitation Code?

Your Invitation Code is the last four digits of your Social Security Number.


Do I have to keep on entering the invitation code when I want to Login to FollowMyHealth™? Is there a way to just use my Username and Password?

If you use the registration link that was provided in your invitation email message, you will be prompted for your invitation code. This is only required on your first registration access to the system. After that, discontinue using the link in the email and instead set up a "Bookmark" or "Favorite" of the direct login link:


I don't have a Social Security Number on record at my doctor's office. What should I use as my Invitation Code?

We'll call or email you to notify you of the unique Invitation Code that has been assigned to you.


I noticed that I can make entries into my medical record on my own. This is a great way to include information that is not on the Quincy Medical Group medical record system. Will my doctor be notified of the entries I make?

No. Quincy Medical Group does not receive any notification when you make entries into FollowMyHealth™. You will see each entry with the notation "Patient Entered" and this indicates that your doctor has not been made aware of this health information. If you desire that you doctor know about these conditions, please bring the information with you for discussion on your next doctor's appointment.


What is the difference in functionality for a Child Proxy User at each age range?

FollowMyHealth™ has designed the child proxy access to comply with state laws. This means the following limitations will apply.

  • Age 11 and under; Proxy has access to all aspects of FollowMyHealth™ information for the pediatric patient
  • Age 12-17; Proxy can view the FollowMyHealth™ information in the state that it was when the patient turned 12 but no new data flows from the EHR to FollowMyHealth™ are shown.
  • Age 18; Proxy data flow of all types is discontinued. Proxy can view the FollowMyHealth™ information in the state that it was when the patient turned 18. Also; due to system limitations, Quincy Medical Group is unable to register a proxy to access a child record if the child is over 11 years of age.
  • Please note: Due to system limitations, Quincy Medical Group is unable tp register a proxy to access a child record if the child is over 11 years of age.


I want to receive text to mobile notifications so that I know that something has been updated on my FollowMyHealth™ account. How do I turn it on and what do I need to know to use it?

You can enable this feature by logging in to FollowMyHealth™ and then clicking "My Account" in the upper right area of your screen. Click on "Preferences" and follow the instructions. Keep in mind that when you enable this feature, certain private information will flow to your cell phone, such as appointment dates and times, and that this information is sent via your cell phtwentytwo provider and will likely not be encrypted during transmission.


What Lab results are sent to the FollowMyHealth™ Patient Website?

It is important to know that not all Lab Results are allowed to flow to the FollowMyHealth™ Patient Website. Certain Lab Results are considered too sensitive to be sent to patient using this facility. Sensitive Labs such as Hepatitis tests, HIV tests, STD tests, Genetic Tests and certain other tests will not have results sent to the patient website. Patients will receive the results from these kinds of tests using conventional methods such as a phtwentytwo call or mail message from your provider. Also radiology and pathology Results are not sent, and no scanned documents from 3rd party procedures providers are sent.


I have updated some personal information at the clinic during my last visit. This update does not show up in FollowMyHealth™. How do I cause this to be in sync?

Once you have completed your registration to use the FollowMyHealth™ patient website, you have the capability to make changes in your "My Info" tab and have that information sent to your provider's clinic office for entry. Using this method will keep all your records in sync. FollowMyHealth™ cannot receive updates that are provided in person at a clinic.


What is FollowMyHealth™ and who is Jardogs?

FollowMyHealth™ is the computer application Quincy Medical Group uses to power its patient website. FollowMyHealth™ was created and is always being improved by Jardogs, a leading patient website developer with health care partners across the county.

Quincy Medical Group patients will encounter the FollowMyHealth™ name when receiving emails about the FollowMyHealth™ website. Patients registered for the FollowMyHealth™ website can also download and use the FollowMyHealth™ apps for iPhone and Android devices.


Is there an App for this?

Yes. In fact, due to the restrictions of mobile devices, you must have the native phone application installed to get mobile access to your information. You can download the app from the iTunes App Store or the Google Play marketplace store. You can search for "FollowMyHealth™" to find the app.

Check out the iPhone/iPad app and the Android app.


I want to learn more about the details of the functions in FollowMyHealth™. Is there a searchable Knowledgebase available to patients?

There is a searchable Knowledgebase available, provided by "Jardogs", the company that developed FollowMyHealth™. The Knowledgebase describes functions that are offered as well as functions that will be offered in the future. The Searchable Knowledgebase is offered at this location: Keep in mind that the FollowMyHealth™ patient website only supports certain types of functionality. Descriptions of functionality not yet enabled for use within the FollowMyHealth™ patient website are provided for review only.


I want to "Bookmark" or set a "Favorite" link to the FollowMyHealth™ Login page. What is the best link to save?


What are browser requirements for FollowMyHealth™?

FollowMyHealth™ is best viewed in our supported browsers (Internet Explorer 8 and higher and modern versions of Firefox, Chrome, and Safari).